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Petrol Bunk Management Software Application in India


Area of application – Fuel stations for dispensing of petroleum products, diesel fuel, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), multiproduct fuel petrol stations, petroleum storage depots.

  • Make petrol station work efficiently and bring maximum profit to its owner
  • Reduce the cost of management over the petrol station
  • Make the owner of petrol station concretely master all operations and transactions by remote monitoring of petrol station activity and sales
  • Make activity of cashiers and fuel attendants transparent in order to avoid stealing and frauds by personnel of petrol station
  • Make reporting over petrol station operation easy and convenient
  • Attract more customers with discount-bonus loyalty programs


  • Visualization and monitoring of petrol station activity real-time (locally and remotely) – KST POS software provides a easy possibility to online monitor all the forecourt equipment operation and inform about all disoperation's and event.
  • Convenient operation without any professional training because of intuitive, explicit and clear user interface and operations procedures
  • Flexible adjustment of the way of petrol station operation – KST POS system supports several ways of operation, which are flexible to set and adjusted to country local traditional specific ways of operation and rules
  • Easy customization of user interface with selection of a graphical skin, position and size of windows and elements, their details
  • Flexibility in creation and configuration of templates for printed receipts provides a possibility to make printed receipts of any kinds (text, images, sizes of receipts no matter which printer is used for printing them)
  • Easy-to-read reporting and graphic statistic to make petrol station work efficiently and bring maximum profit to its owner and reduce the cost of management over the petrol station
  • Remote data gathering from a petrol station provides a possibility for petrol station owner to supervise petrol station activity everywhere and every moment and make the owner of petrol station concretely master all operations and transactions by remote monitoring of petrol station activity and sales
  • Support of discount-bonus loyalty for attracting new customers and keeping existing customers
  • Scalability – KST POS system is developed with account of all modern requirements to systems for automation of petrol stations, at this it is oriented as on small petrol stations, so as on big petrol complexes with organization of several working places of cashiers, administrator (Back-Office) of a petrol station, central Head-Office for management and planning and provision of loyalty card system for customers.
  • Possibility to provide control over same fuel dispensers from several KST POS systems - Several KST POS systems can be installed on the same petrol station and share common equipment and database.
  • Trial version of the system is available for customers willing to test the system
  • Easy updating – KST POS is easy to be updated when new updates are available with storing of system database, software and hardware adjustments All new updates are available for downloading for all existing customers. Easy way to backup us and restore KST POS controller configuration between updates.
  • Support by developers - 24 hours support for all customers of KST POS software on any standing issues.



KST POS system provides a convenient user interface, which is adjustable for a user. Windows of pumps, products sales, tanks can be dragged to any place on the main panel and fixed, their scale can be changed and colors can be adjusted.

  1. Customer walks-in to the fuel station orders desired amount / Liters of Fuel.
  2. A bill will be issued in the POS Terminal with the billing details
  3. With-in no time it will be updated to the cloud server for remote monitoring
  4. An SMS is sent to the customer and Station owner with billing details.


 Mode of Operation

Taking into account that in different countries there are different specifics of petrol stations operation like:

  • way of customers are serviced -order and payment is given at pump or to cashier in petrol station office
  • way of customers are serviced – Credit Customers

KST POS software is appointed to make it possible to flexibly configure and adjust a required way of operation and allow customers to make it work as their local rules demand.



  1. Bunks Management
  2. Fuel Price Management
  3. Payments
  4. Refilling
  5. Credit Customer Management
  6. Staff Management
  7. User & Shift Management
  8. Sms & Long Code Setup
  9. Invoice Management
  10. Reports



KST POS system has a Cloud -based HEAD-Office system called Web Reports to provide:

  • formation of consolidated reports on operation of all petrol stations in various views for analytics and statistics of petrol stations activity to provide decisions for optimization of petrol stations operation;
  • online monitoring of each petrol station activity (fuel dispensers operation, remains and parameters of fuel in tanks, current working shift operations) to provide control over personnel at petrol station and security;
  • centralized management over the whole petrol stations network with possibility to manage over products from the central office (update products list, products prices, products quantity, etc)
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